Monday, October 22, 2012

Fumage Number 1

I've finally finished my first embroidery/fumage project. It seems like it took forever, but I think it was maybe only a few weeks. I have several other ideas planned to test how embroidery and fumage can work together.
I only used a few different stitches for this project as I am new to embroidery. I used heavy chain, outline, fern, laid threads, and couching on the borders.
To make the fumage borders, I covered 1 inch diagonal bands with paper and then passed the flame over the open parts. I used a thick braided wick to get the effect that I was going for. In my experience, candle size really doesn't matter that much. Fumage really depends on the size and type of wick you are using.
I did the fumage bands first. I then used a few layers of spray lacquer to make sure that the soot would not rub off as I did the embroidery.
I drew the test design first on paper. Then to create the design on my canvas, I used a pouncing technique and then traced around the dots with a sharp pencil.
That pretty much sums everything up. I like the way that it turned out. I'm planning to create several pieces of this type of work. My next one is an embroidery nightmare. You'll know why when you see it!
Happy sewing!

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