Thursday, November 8, 2012

Loop Stitch Bath Mat

This is another very easy item to knit. Although it is easy, it is also time consuming to knit. As you can see from the photo, this is done in loop stitch. For those who are not familiar with this stitch there is a great tutorial here. I purled the stitches on the wrong side so that the mat would lay flat. I also wrapped the yarn around twice so that there were more loops per stitch
And here is a closer look at all those little loops.
One problem I have found with working something entirely in loop stitch is that is tends to be longer on one side than the other. I really haven't discovered a way to truly fix this but you can hide it by adding a few sewing stitches to the side that is too long.
There isn't a pattern for this mat. You can make it as big or small as you like. I believe I cast-on 50 or so stitches. My mat measures 22 x 24 inches. I used 4 balls of blue cotton yarn. I also used 2 balls each of pink and green cotton. I used Sugar N' Cream because I thought that type of yarn would lend well to getting wet often. At the end of the project I added some soft rubber to the back. You can find rolls of thin rubber type material where the kitchen supplies are. Sometimes it's with wallpaper. I cut a piece out about 1 inch smaller then the bath mat and then attached it with square knots to the wrong side of the mat.
Happy knitting!

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