Monday, December 31, 2012

Messenger Bag Embroirdery

To begin your project you will need a piece of fabric. I used Aida 18 ct. If you are using this type of fabric, you will want to stabilize the ends of the fabric. This is a simple task. All you need to do is fold the edges behind the fabric and sew in place. If you decide not to do this, your fabric will start to come apart.

Now you will need to transfer your design. Again if using the Aida, you can just place the design underneath the fabric and trace the design. If you are using the design to place on your bag, this bag, then there are a couple of methods you could use.
One is called pouncing. You will begin by punching holes along your design lines. You will then place the design on your bag; and, using pouncing powder (chalk) you will transfer the design. The second method is the one that I used. Place your design on the bag and sew it in place. You will then use running stitch to transfer the design to the bag. Remove the paper from your bag. Once the design is stitched on the bag, you will remove the running stitches.

 Next you will stitch the first trinity knot lines. These stitches are done in heavy chain stitch. This site is a great resource on how to accomplish this stitch.
 Next you will make the Pekinese stitch. This stitch begins with a line of back stitch. The stitch is then completed by making little loops in the stitches. Below is an illustration so you can better understand the description. You can make the loops tightly packed, like in the inner ring. Or you can make the loops farther apart like the outer ring.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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