Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow Crystal Quilt

In 2003 or there about, I began working in a quilt shop. I'd never really worked in retail before and I had never quilted. Actually, I was surprised and happy they offered me a job.
On my first day of work, I had the task of cutting fabric. I remember being worried about ruining everything even while the owner assured me it would be fine.
The fabric I was cutting was absolutely gorgeous. It was a reproduction 30's print. I loved looking at and touching the fabric. That's when my love of quilting began. In fact, my first quilt has those reproduction 30's I still love.
From time to time, the owner, noticing I was really getting into quilting and being a quilter herself, would give me older magazines for project inspiration. Australian Patchwork and Quilting was one such magazine.
On page 84 of volume 10 number 8 is a quilt I knew I had to make. It's called Snow Crystal and it's by Susan Lacuone. It's been a few years but I've finally gotten a chance to make it.
I've got all of my fabric strips cut and the paper foundations marked. I'm using flannel fabrics in white, blue, and dark blue. I cut my fabric with scissors instead of a rotary cutter but you should use one if you can.
My sewing machine and I have had our share of differences. I am hoping to put those aside when I make this. I may have to sew by hand again like in my cat quilt, but that's another story!
 Happy quilting!

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