Monday, February 25, 2013

Blending with Acrylics

I think a mottled background adds so much depth and character to a painting. Especially when compared to a plain background. I also feel there is more you can accomplish with your painting.

I have in fact liked this background technique for a very long time. I just recently learned what the name of it is. Thanks to Youtube I've also been able to learn this techniques from several artists.

It's really simple to do. Much simpler than I thought it would be. All you have to do is put globs of paint on your canvas and blend them in. It's almost like applying makeup only with little x brush strokes.

These two small paintings were done as practice. The first painting was blended left to right. The second painting was blended with the colors spread a little more sporadic. I used only three colors:

  • light portrait pink
  • brilliant purple
  • prism violet

I actually used really cheap bad brushes to make these. I think that might be obvious though! I plan to keep practising this technique and I'll post more on my progress.

I hope you enjoy!

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