Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eccentric Rug

You may recall that in a recent stitch series post I showed you the eccentric stitch. Well truth be told I was working on this rug at the same time.

I think this is an extremely fun and interesting rug. Since I used such a bulky yarn and large needles, it knit up quickly. The pattern is also easy to remember once you've done a few of the pattern repeats.


  • 4 balls 92 yards each super bulky yarn. (Loops and Threads Cozy Wool) in Barley and Wool
  • US size 15 knitting needle
  • Tapestry needle
  • Size N 9mm crochet hook


CO 38 sts
  1. k
  2. k
  3. k
  4. k4, *yo, k8, k2tog* 3 times, k4
  5. k3, p1, *p2tog, p7, yo, p1* 3 times end with yo, p2, k3
  6. k6, *yo, k6, k2tog, k2* 3 times end with k2tog, k4
  7. k3, p1, *p2tog, p5, yo, p3* 3 times end with yo, p4, k3
  8. k8, *yo, k4, k2tog, k4* 3 times, end with k2tog, k4
  9. k3, p1, *p2tog, p3, yo, p5* 3 times end with yo, p6, k3
  10. k10, *yo, k2, k2tog, k6* 3 times end with k2tog, k4
  11. k3, p1, *p2tog, p1, yo, p7* 3 times end with yo, p8, k3
  12. k12, *yo, k2tog, k8* 3 times end with yo, k2tog, k4
  13. k3, p1, *yo, p8, p2tog tbl* 3 times end with p1, k3
  14. k4, *sl, k, psso, k7, yo, k1* 3 times end with yo, k5
  15. k3, p3, *yo, p6, p2tog tbl, p2* 3 times end with p1, k3
  16. k4, *sl, k, psso, k5, yo, k3* 3 times end with yo, k7
  17. k3, p5, *yo, p4, p2tog tbl, p4* 3 times end with p1, k3
  18. k4, *sl, k, psso, k3, yo, k5* 3 times end with yo, k9
  19. k3, p7, *yo, p2, p2tog tbl, p6* 3 times end with p1, k3
  20. k4, *sl, k, psso, k1, yo, k7* 3 times end with yo, k11
  21. k3, p9, *yo, p2tog tbl, p8* 3 times end with p1, k3\
Repeat rows 4-21 7 times and end with 3 rows of k. Bo and weave in ends. Using your crochet hook sc all the way around the rug. Cut 20 18" lengths of yarn in each color. Attach the fringe as shown in the picture.
The gauge of the rug blocked is 15" by 42"

I hope you enjoy my tutorial!


  1. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong..I don't have the required stitches after i have done the three repeats to finish the row.please help

    1. I think I may have written the last part in a confusing way. I'll use Row 5 as an example.
      k3, P1, then P2tog, P7, YO, P1 twice. For the last repeat you'll P2tog, P7, YO P2, K3. It's like that on all the repeats. So Row 11 will be for the last repeat: P2tog, P1, YO, P8, K3. I hope that helps and makes sense. You could use a stitch marker between each repeat to help with counting.

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