Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sea Painting 2.0

This is my second attempt at this painting. I don't believe I ever even posted about the first attempt.

My first try, in retrospect, was going poorly from the start. The background was one solid color of blue that was very poorly painted. I had wanted to have a solid background at the time but I couldn't figure out how to make it smooth. The background looked choppy. It was just plain awful!

The rest of the painting was actually going well. Then I got lazy. This painting was taking a very long time and really I just wanted it done. I quickly threw the rest together. It looked so very bad. I ended up tossing the painting.

The idea for this painting still hasn't been put to rest in my mind. I think it's time for round two.

I'm actually very pleased with how the background turned out. I wanted it to be from the perspective of looking up from the depths of the water at night and seeing the moon.

I have so much more to do on this painting. I hope not to cut corners on this run through.

I hope you enjoy!

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