Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birch Forest Part III

In part III of this birch forest painting series we will be creating the trees. This was originally a painting tutorial on Youtube by Amy Pearce. These are the steps I took to create my version.


  • Yellow ochre
  • Titanium white
  • Ivory black
  • Fine point brush
  • 1/4" stiff flat brush
  • #6 flat brush


  1. The paint on the background should be dry by now. Using the #6 flat brush dip into the yellow ochre. Paint thin tree trunks across your canvas. Make sure not to go to the top or bottom of the painting. I staggered the bottoms of the trunks for a different effect.
  2. Using that same brush, dip into titanium white. Paint on top of the tree trunks blending the color out at the top and the bottom.
  3. Using your fine point brush, dip into the black paint. Create little black lines on your trees. Do not go all the way across the trunks. Don't do very many of these lines because these trees are supposed to be far away. Let this dry.
  4. For these next trees you'll want to make them wider. These trees should be at least double the width of the previous trees.
  5. Using yellow ochre, paint two tree trunks. Go all the way to the top of the painting this time. Then paint over the trunks with the white. With these trees you want to make sure to keep the white color in the middle with the yellow showing on both sides.
  6. Take you stiff brush and run it across each tree trunk to add more texture. Continue making trees in this manner until you have as many as you'd like in your forest.
  7. Using the fine point brush, create lines like you did previously only many more of them. After this, make knots in the trunks by adding bumps to some of the lines. 
  8. Clean your brush and then dip into the white. To highlight the knots, line the knots on the top only.
I hope you enjoy my tutorial!

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