Thursday, May 2, 2013

Polymer Clay Workshop

This past weekend I got a chance to attend a polymer clay workshop hosted by Alene Sirott-Cope.

I don't work with clay. I'm not very good with manipulating the material the way i want to. It usually doesn't turn out the way I'd like. I have always left dents, fingerprints and smears all over my work. It also generally looks like a two-year-old made it.

All of the above being said, I had a wonderful time. I also think I did a pretty good job on my vase. I had planned out a few designs the night before. Ultimately, I went with the one you see in the picture above. I changed it from my original idea a little. I'm always doing that though!

I am planning to do a tutorial on how to make this vase in the coming months.

I hope you've enjoyed my post!

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