Monday, May 27, 2013

Stitch Series Baby Fan

This is called the baby fan stitch. It is so named because it is a smaller version of the popular feather and fan stitch.

This is an all over lace pattern that may be used in many ways. Baby clothes, cardigans, shawls and any lightweight garment can be made with this stitch. This is also a good trimming and contrast stitch.

Baby fan stitch forms a scallop at the cast on edge of the fabric. It is an all over lace pattern that does not need to be blocked.


This stitch is worked over a multiple of 11 stitches.
  1. K2tog 2 times, *(yo, K1) 3 times, yo, k2tog 4 times, repeat from * end with (yo, K1) 3 times, yo, k2tog 2 times
  2. P
  3. K
  4. P
Repeat these 4 rows for your pattern.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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