Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stitch Series Chevron Stitch

This is the final installment of the chevron stitch series trilogy. Today you'll learn how to combine both the left and right slanted chevron to make this stitch.

This pattern is best suited for heavier weight yarns. Chevron makes an excellent center for an afghan or stole. It can be used for a scarf or a skirt. You can use right slanted chevron for the left front of a sleeve and left slanted chevron for the right front of a sleeve. You could use the full chevron for the back of the shirt.


This stitch is a multiple of 16 stitches.
You will need a stitch marker.
  1. K2, P4, K2, pm, K2, P4, K2
  2. P1, K4, P3, sl m, P3, K4, P1
  3. P4, K4, sl m, K4, P4
  4. K3, P4, K1, sl m, K1, P4, K3
  5. P2, K4, P2, sl m, P2, K4, P2
  6. K1, P4, K3, sl m, K3, P4, K1
  7. K4, P4, sl m, P4, K4
  8. P3, K4, P1, sl m, P1, K4, P3
Repeat these 8 rows for you pattern.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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